Who’s winning — Sony, consumers, or resellers?

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Practical Advice for Improving Your GGPlot

ggplot(data = iris, aes(x = Sepal.Length, y = Sepal.Width)) +

Is Brazil’s 1–7 loss to Germany the most lopsided in World Cup history?

What is Scorigami?

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Results from an experiment conducted at UC Berkeley

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Yelp data reveals cities with the most gun shops per capita

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Things to avoid when making your next plot

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Leverage your analytical prowess in Daily Fantasy Sports

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Looking beyond just data, numbers, and graphs

  1. Being the person who understands the data the most: When working with engineers, product managers, or data scientists from other teams — you should be the data expert. This is because you the most hands-on experience with the data in your domain. Not only that, but as a data scientist you should be shaping what/how data is tracked and how they are defined.

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Investment banking vs. software engineering

  • What do I want to major in?
  • What career do I want to pursue?

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Visualizing the careers of our 2020–2021 NBA coaches

William Chon

Data Scientist based in NYC

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